Learning to thrive

in spite of your challenges

                  If you or someone you love

                      suffers from chronic illness,

                                               please read this:

 You didn't choose the challenges of chronic illness but you can choose how you deal with it. CrossPointe Counseling is offering group and private therapy sessions to help you learn to thrive in spite of your challenges. 

  • Learn how you can overcome the negative effects of chronic illness on your life and the lives of your caregivers and family. 
  • The cost of this program is only $225.00 per person or $325.00 per couple and includes all program fees and workbook.
  • These groups meet for two hours once a week for 5 weeks. 
  • Groups will contain 8-12 members and are designed to assist in improving the quality of life for both the patient and the caregiver.
  • Help is available for patients and for caregivers

Use this form to register for Group Sessions.  

Groups starting soon for patients and caregivers

and groups for caregivers only (i.e. caregivers

for Alzheimer's patients.)

Group Registration

Conquering Chronic Conditions