Conquering Chronic Conditions

                      Learning to thrive

in spite of your challenges

    Are you a Caregiver

                   What does that say about you?

   · You are one of 65 million caregivers in the US.
· You have a 2 to 3 times greater risk of clinical depression.
· You can expect to live 10 years less than non-caregivers.
· You are 70% less likely to take care of your own health needs.


Symptoms of Caregiver Burnout    
  *Lack of energy
     *Overwhelming fatigue
     *Sleep problems (too much or too little)
     *Changes in eating habits; weight loss or gain
     *A feeling of hopelessness
     *Withdrawing from, or losing interest in, activities you once enjoyed
     *Neglecting your own physical and emotional needs
     *Feeling like caregiving is controlling your life
    * Becoming unusually impatient, irritable or argumentative
    * Anxiety about the future
     *Depression or mood swings
     *Difficulty coping with everyday things
     *Headaches, stomachaches, and other physical problems
     *Lowered resistance to illness
     *Financial burden due to caregiving

If you are experiencing three or more of these symptoms it is time to take action.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS.  There is help. 

CrossPointe Counseling has people and programs to help you deal with caregiver burnout.  For more information ...

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